mint & lace

pumps & iron

I channeled my inner Barney for this outfit. The dinosaur, not the high-end department store. Mint is huge this season and these purple pumps are also huge…6” to be exact. It seemed like a perfect match.

I absolutely adore the city of Boston, but my one complaint is that not enough people wear heels. (I say “people” and not “girls” because if the Real Housewives of Atlanta taught me anything it’s that a man can WORK IT in a pair of stilettos). I don’t like the fact that I’m totally out of place most nights when I put on 5-6 inchers. Does it completely stop me? No. But it’s definitely the reason these bright, fun pumps don’t get worn more often.

What do you guys think of the mint trend? I’ve never had a ton of green in my closet, but I’m loving the shade.

(top: Blaque Label via LIT…

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