The Good Fight.

fartsy artsy

Why is living always a fight? Why can’t humans feel like they’re winning all the time?
Everything seems to be a losing battle…

You gotta fight heart break
Gotta fight the sleaze ball who gets ahead in your career
because calls women “skirts.”
You gotta fight mortgage payments and debt.
Fight for your kids. Fight for rights and for freedom.
Fight for love. For life. For goals and expectations.
Fight disease, world hunger, and poverty.
Fight for money so you can buy a laptop, or a home, or a car
or an inflatable life.
Fight temptation. Fight hesitation.
Fight city hall, death and taxes. Fight cancer.
Fight for dreams. And fight for consciousness.
Fight for a reason to fight. Fight for a promotion.
Fight cholesterol and the treadmill. Fight with your wife.
And your husband and your kids.
Fight with your mother and your father and your brother.
Fight for…

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