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Okay, so today for lunch I had Chinese from this really cool cafe in town. I got take-out and brought it home, and dug around in my purse to get my chopsticks I keep (I cleverly steal them from Noodles & Company). I am a horrible chopsticks person, if you know what I mean. I really admire you out there who can use chopsticks fluently…like a language. Haha! I made the mistake of putting the little white carton of chicken fried rice in the microwave and I came back to find it on fire. I suppose I should have known better and I screamed and blew it out and used water. I still ate the food in a bowl. Okay, so here’s me, trying to eat food with chopsticks. It’s like I have muscle spasms and the food just spontaneously jumps out of the bowl. (At Noodles & Company I…

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