Out and About: Mancs

Existing Through Pixels

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This is another installment of pictures which were taken by me whilst I was people-watching. The two outside photographs were taken as I was stood on the top floor of a multi story car park, the same place that I took pictures of a large street art mural (which you can see a couple of posts back somewhere). I cheated a bit by taking them from this location as it meant I wouldn’t have to work very hard to be sneaky, and sneaky it was!

The man on the left was having a cigarette break outside one of Manchester’s many pubs, this one looks like quite a working class pub. I’ve not been in many Manchester pubs, I usually dwell around Salfordian pubs only. The picture quality isn’t the greatest but my people-watching skills weren’t going particularly well on the day I took these so…

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We might as well try: music break!


Happy birthday, Woody Guthrie.

I wouldn’t have known it was Woody’s birthday today had it not been for a bit on NPR, which in turn made me think, Oh, I have to post that vid of “This Land Is Your Land that Fred Clark at Patheos/Slactivist (thanks Fred!) had posted:

I’m not sure why I listened to the song. I mean, it’s a damned fine song and sometimes think it would be a great national anthem until I remember I’m not so crazy about national anthems (that great scene in Casablanca aside), but I’m not really a Pete Seeger fan and, honestly, having heard it so many times before, did I really need to listen to it again?

Yes, yes I did.

By the end my chest had expanded and I was mouthing the words and honest-to-pete had tears in my eyes. I don’t know why I was…

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Lazy Saturday updates

By Plan or Happenstance

Today is the first time in several weeks that I have a full day to do absolutely nothing, and it has been so nice after a long busy week. TH is away on his first of several long work-related trips this month — he’s been gone since Thursday and won’t get back until tomorrow. Of course, rather than doing nothing, I’m trying to take advantage of these two free days to get some things done that I’ve been putting off for a few weeks in anticipation of this weekend.


Like I said, the past week was a big week for TH and I. Last weekend, we invited both our immediate families over to our place for a cookout. It was the first time we’d ever hosted a party together, and it was the first time since our wedding two years ago that most of our immediate families were together…

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The Good Fight.

fartsy artsy

Why is living always a fight? Why can’t humans feel like they’re winning all the time?
Everything seems to be a losing battle…

You gotta fight heart break
Gotta fight the sleaze ball who gets ahead in your career
because calls women “skirts.”
You gotta fight mortgage payments and debt.
Fight for your kids. Fight for rights and for freedom.
Fight for love. For life. For goals and expectations.
Fight disease, world hunger, and poverty.
Fight for money so you can buy a laptop, or a home, or a car
or an inflatable life.
Fight temptation. Fight hesitation.
Fight city hall, death and taxes. Fight cancer.
Fight for dreams. And fight for consciousness.
Fight for a reason to fight. Fight for a promotion.
Fight cholesterol and the treadmill. Fight with your wife.
And your husband and your kids.
Fight with your mother and your father and your brother.
Fight for…

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Friday Flicks: Will ‘Ice Age: Continental Drift’ Get Us Through the Heat Waves?


Ice Age: Continental Drift

In its own quiet, unassuming way, the Ice Age franchise has made it to a fourth installment. The studio has been churning them out for a decade (They save babies! They survive floods! They fight off dinosaurs!) and the latest edition – in 3-D of course – has your favorite charactersManny, Diego and Sid (voiced by Ray Romano, Denis Leary and John Leguizamo respectively) running into someseafaring pirates. Scrat the saber-toothed squirrel, as usual, is somehow to blame.

But is Ice Age: Continental Drift going to manage a tectonic shift in the opinion of the world’s film critics? The good news for 20th Century Fox is that the reviews are, relatively speaking, encouraging. “It’s familiar, drawn-out shtick, and the humor lacks the subtlety of the first and best Ice Age, but there are some visually inventive high points,” notes the The Hollywood Reporter

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